“Military Grade Technology” Once Reserved Only For The Government Unlocks Complete Home Protection and Peace of Mind

Without the Complex Installation or Ongoing Fees of Other Security Systems

For years, the pinnacle of security technology - the kind that shielded the most classified and sensitive government sites on the planet - was a closely guarded secret.
This technology, utilized by military and national governments, represented the ultimate in security power, providing unparalleled peace of mind over some of the most valuable assets on Earth.
Picture surveillance systems so advanced they could detect a threat miles away, encryption so strong it was deemed unbreakable, and camera processing capabilities that delivered crystal clear images in the dead of night.
This wasn’t just any technology; it was the kind that offered super security power.
The kind that could withstand harsh environments, resist the most sophisticated cyber-attacks, and operate seamlessly under extreme conditions.
It was the eye in the sky that never blinked, the silent sentinel that never slept. It gave the military and elite agencies the ability to monitor and protect without fail, ensuring the safety of critical infrastructures and top-secret locations.
The technology was built on several non-negotiable principles: impenetrable encryption, robust camera processing, and the use of materials that guaranteed durability and longevity.
Any compromise on these elements would mean a compromised system, a risk these agencies could never afford to take.
Until recently, this level of security was exclusive to the realms of military and government agencies.
The complexity, cost, and exclusivity of this technology kept it out of reach for the civilian population.
However, after years of development, refinement, and a commitment to bringing military-grade security to the public, we have achieved a breakthrough.
Our team has meticulously worked to adapt this technology for home use, maintaining its core strengths while making it accessible and user-friendly. We've patented its use and, after extensive testing and quality assurance, have produced a limited batch for public release.
This isn’t just another security camera on the market; it's a paradigm shift in home security.
Our solar-powered security camera encapsulates all the benefits of its military-grade predecessors – the high-level encryption ensures your data is safe, the advanced camera processing delivers crystal-clear images, and its durable build quality means it's built to last.
But, unlike its predecessors, it's designed for the everyday user – easy to install, effortless to operate, and without the need for ongoing fees.
We understand that security is not just about surveillance; it’s about peace of mind.
That’s why our camera is equipped with features like motion detection, night vision, and real-time alerts. It integrates seamlessly with your smart home systems, providing you with control and monitoring capabilities at your fingertips.
This exclusive release is an opportunity to equip your home with a level of security once reserved for the highest echelons of power.
The batch is limited, reflecting the exclusivity and advanced nature of this technology. It's not just a product; it’s an investment in the safety and security of your home and loved ones.
This is your chance to own a piece of technology that has evolved from the most secure environments on the planet to your front door.
A technology that offers not just surveillance but a guarantee of safety, a promise of peace of mind.
Welcome to the future of home security, where military-grade protection meets everyday convenience and reliability.
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1080P HD Video Footage Day & Night (Actual Solar Pro 2.0 Footage)

Capture Every Cherished Memory Forever

Never miss another precious moment again. Ever. Capture the fleeting joys and timeless memories with every click, ensuring every laugh, every leap, every loving glance stays with you forever.

Secure Assets, Peace of Mind

Safeguard your valuable assets from thieves, vandals, and unforeseen threats. With a 2-meter long cable for easy solar panel connection, enjoy uninterrupted protection and peace of mind, knowing your possessions are secure.

Reliable Security in Every Storm

Brave the Elements with Confidence: Our camera's resilient, weather-proof design stands strong against anything Mother Nature throws its way. Even during blackouts, it continues to record to a card, ensuring your security is never compromised. Trust in a system built to endure, come rain, wind, or shine.

Revolutionary Guard: Experience the Ultimate Home Security Once Reserved for Top-Level Government Protection

These cameras feature a crazy amount of benefits that you just don't get from traditional security cameras!

  • They record in a much higher 1080p HD resolution, traditional cameras usually go up to 720p which can look a little blurry and you won't be able to see the fine details in you need to identify an intruder.
  • These cameras have the widest angle coverage than any other camera on the market.
  • They have real-time notifications so you are alerted as soon as someone enters your property.
  • Two-way audio so you can talk to the person through the camera from the app.
  • Blaring alarms to scare away intruders.
  • Night vision in both infrared and full colour. Traditional cameras only give you infrared.
  • Bright lights which helps the night vision clarity immensely.
  • And is all controlled by an app on iOS or Android, where you can connect all your security cameras.
  • They don't rely on wires for it's power. No wires at all!
  • AND BEST OF ALL: Zero Ongoing Fees
Shop Solar Cam Pro 2.0

Setup in minutes. Truly the most easy to use & easiest installation security cameras.

Unbox, Connect, Secure. It's That Quick.

Instant security, no tech hurdles, zero hassle. Effortless security ready in minutes.

Step 1: Install The Camera

Simply install your cameras in various places around the outside of your house.

Step 2: Connect To The Tuya Smart App

Download Tuya Smart App from the app store and connect all your Emporium Security devices within the app.

Step 3: Have Total Control Of Your Security

You're ready to go in less than 5 minutes. Quite literally the quickest and easiest security setup!

No Subscription Fees. Ever.

Simply use a micro TF Card to store footage instead of a cloud service. The choice is yours.

Connect all your cameras to the Tuya Smart App

Build your security ecosystem and connect all your Emporium security cameras on one app. Something traditional security camera systems don't offer.

Receive real-time notifications

Never miss a thing. Always be alerted when motion is detected so you have eyes on your home at all times.

Customised motion tracking

Set customised motion tracking to suit your needs. Be alerted whenever there is a human moving, not everytime your pet is detected!

Easily Communicate with Two-Way Audio

Let's say your camera is located at your front door. You get alerted of motion detection. It's the mail man! You can talk to him through the app and give him instructions on where to place your parcels. Never lose parcels again!

24/7 Protection. Day or Night. Full Night Vision.

Traditional cameras only offer infrared night vision, which makes it hard to see the fine details in night footage. With our advanced night vision technology, your surveillance doesn't stop when the sun sets. Never miss a moment with our crystal-clear, high-definition night vision. Even in the dead of night, your security remains uncompromised.

Infrared Night Vision

Full Colour Night Vision


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12 Month Warranty

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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