Unlock the full potential of home and business security with our specially curated "Bundles" collection at Emporium Security.

This collection is tailored to provide comprehensive security solutions that are both cost-effective and highly efficient, combining our top products with essential accessories for enhanced performance and ease of use.

Bulb Camera + Micro TF Card Bundle:

Kickstart your surveillance with our innovative Bulb Camera + Micro TF Card Bundle. This package includes our discrete light bulb camera, which fits seamlessly into any standard bulb socket, providing covert surveillance with HD video recording. Paired with a high-capacity Micro TF Card, this bundle ensures you have ample storage to record and keep valuable footage without the need for constant maintenance. It's an ideal solution for those seeking an unobtrusive way to monitor their spaces.

Solar Camera + Micro TF Card Bundle:

Embrace sustainability and security with our Solar Camera + Micro TF Card Bundle. This eco-friendly option includes our Solar Camera Pro 2.0, equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and capable of operating efficiently with solar power. The included Micro TF Card allows for extensive storage of high-quality video footage, making this bundle perfect for remote locations without regular power access or for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint while securing their premises.

2 x Solar Camera Bundle:

Double the coverage and double the peace of mind with our 2 x Solar Camera Bundle. This set includes two of our acclaimed Solar Camera Pro 2.0 units, ideal for covering larger properties or multiple entry points. With easy installation and solar-powered efficiency, this bundle ensures that your security setup is both robust and environmentally friendly, covering all angles without the need for external power sources.

Home Security Starter Kit Bundle (Solar Camera + DIY Security System Pro):

For the ultimate in home security, our Home Security Starter Kit Bundle combines the Solar Camera Pro 2.0 with the DIY Security System Pro. This comprehensive security package provides everything you need to start protecting your home or business immediately. With quick DIY setup capabilities, a loud 115db alarm, and connectivity to up to 160 sensors, coupled with our solar-powered camera, this bundle offers extensive surveillance and alarm functionality, making it an excellent choice for first-time homeowners or those upgrading their security systems.



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Bulb Camera + Micro TF Card BundleBulb Camera + Micro TF Card Bundle
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Solar Camera + Micro TF Card Bundle
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