How To Install & Connect to the Tuya App

1. Turn on your camera

Turn on your camera and plug in a USB-C cord to the camera.

Wait until you hear the voice prompt before moving onto the next steps.

Flashing Red Light: Wait to connect to the network.
Solid Red Light: In error state, please reset camera.
Flashing Blue Light: The Network connection is in progress.
Solid Blue Light: The device is successfully connected.

If you wish to use an SD card for local storage, please insert SD card then wait for a beep and the flashing red light.

2. Download the Tuya Smart App

Search for “Tuya Smart” app in App Store, or scan the QR code to download.

The Tuya Smart App is compatible with both Apple and Google Play

3. Register or log in with existing account

To Register:

If you do not have a Tuya App account yet, you can register an account or log in via SMS verification code.

Click “Sign up”, enter the Privacy Policy page on the “Tuya” App, click to Agree, and enter your email address.

To Log In:

If you have already registered an account, you can skip creating a new account, and click “Log In”. Enter your registered e-mail address, and password to log in to the system, or log in with your Google account.

If prompted, enter the verification code that was sent to your email.

4. Add Device

To connect your camera to the app, first turn the power on, and click Add Device, or click the orange + sign in the top right corner of the screen.

The App will start scanning for devices, however if this doesn't work you can select your camera manually by selecting Security & Sensor Next Step.

Connect to WiFi by entering your WiFi username and password.
Please note: our solar camera only supports a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network (not a 5GHz Wi-Fi network).

A QR Code will show on your screen. Scan this using your solar camera camera to connect.

Click "I heard a prompt" when the camera makes a sound.

The next screen will show a countdown while you're waiting for the device to connect. Once it's been successfully connected, the screen will show a success message and a green tick.

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